2016 Officer List
Please contact any of the people listed below with questions or comments:

District Commissioner: Sally Lockhart, sallyire@aol.com, 859-621-6522
Joint District Commissioner: Cammie Brunker, halcyonfarm1@gmail.com
Treasurer, Sharon Leonard
Secretary: Aisling Duignan, across@coolmore.com
Volunteer Coordinator: Jennifer Madden, jlsmadden@aol.com
Officer of Mounted Meetings: Maria Yorba, plainfieldfarm@mac.com, 859-351-8341
Officer of Unmounted Meetings: Elissa Walli, emwalli@gmail.com, 303-478-9917
Equipment Officer: Lesley Campion, lesley@paramountsales.net
Officer of Field Trips: Erin Dilger, erindilger@aol.com and Susan Kinmon, kimonos@yahoo.com
D Testing Officer: Natanya McMahon    
D Camp: Catherine Donworth assisted by Lesley Campion and Aisling Duignan
C Testing Officer: Rhonda Rathgeber, rrathgeber@hagyard.com
Media/Website Officer: Maria Yorba, plainfieldfarm@mac.com 859-351-8341
C Clinics Officer: Laurie Massa, lauriemassa@gmail.com