How to get started with Keeneland Pony Club

When is a good time to get started?
There is no minimum age requirement to join Pony Club.     Each child is different and one of the most important factors in deciding if your child is ready to join is their level of independence.   They do not need to be able to manage their pony alone, but they do need to be willing and able to participate in a learning environment and also be content and at ease away from their parents during those activities.
Since riding independently is a requirement of the D1 test,  those children who are still uncomfortable off the lead line would not be ready to take this first test.   However, there are still plenty of activities for them to participate in, field trips, unmounted meetings, and mounted meetings – as long as there are older members who can help them.   This can actually be a win-win situation for both age groups, allowing the youngest members a chance to participate, as our older members have an opportunity to help out the younger members and teach them simple lessons such as how to tie a slip-release knot, how to pick out the pony’s hoof, etc.

While we encourage new members to join early in the year, enabling them to fully participate in the years' activities, we can accept new members at any time. New members who join at the beginning of the year attend our "New Members" meeting in January where they meet our returning members, ask questions and learn more details about Keeneland Pony Club's meetings.   

When and where does KPC meet?
KPC holds unmounted and mounted meetings, as well as clinics and field trips throughout the year in the Lexington, Kentucky area.  
Please check the calendar here to see the latest schedule of events.  During the school year, we typically meet on Sunday afternoons.  

What is the Cost of Joining?
2013 Dues:
National Dues: $140 for a new membership, $130 for a renewing membership
Regional Dues:  MidSouth Region-$25
Keeneland Pony Club:  New Member fee: $40, Renewing members: $25.  Plus all KPC member families volunteer time to support KPC's only fundraiser, Jump Start Horse Trials.  No experience necessary,  just a positive attitude and your time!        `

For more information and to get started please contact Sally Lockhart at

Additional information is available on the KPC Frequently Asked Questions page