Keeneland Pony Club is governed by the By-Laws and Policies of the United States Pony Club, the Policies of the MidSouth Region,
and the Policies of Keeneland Pony Club.

For BY-LAWS of the United States Pony Club: http://www.ponyclub.org/ByLaws.htm
For POLICIES of the United States Pony Club: http://www.ponyclub.org/Policy.htm.
For MidSouth Region Policies and Procedures: http://www.midsouthponyclub.org/files/CompletePolicy2007.pdf.


Adopted at the October 2013 Annual Sponsors' Meeting

In addition to the Bylaws for Member Clubs and Midsouth Regional Policies, as stated in the USPC Handbook, Keeneland Pony Club (hereafter designated as KPC) adopts the following policies that will remain in effect until changed by the KPC Sponsors.

The Officers shall be comprised of sponsors of KPC. The administrative officers will be the District Commissioner, one or more Joint District Commissioners, Secretary and Treasurer. Additional officers will be: Officer of Volunteers,  Officer of D Certifications, Officer of C Certifications, Officer of C Rally Camp, Officer of D Rally Camp, Officer of Tack Room Equipment, Officer of Media, Officer of Special Events & Field Trips, Officer of Mounted Meetings, Officer of Unmounted meetings and Officer of Jump Start. Other Officers will be one Junior Officer and a maximum of two lifetime officers. The Junior Officer member, elected annually by the pony club members in January must be at least a HB certification and a member in good standing.

The administrative officers and additional officers will be elected each year at the Annual Meeting. Offices are assumed on January 1 of the following year. All officers are elected from KPC sponsors. Sponsors must pay a nominal fee of $1. The term of a Sponsor shall be no more than one year and shall begin when the Sponsor’s fee is paid and end December 31st.  Sponsors may be accepted at any time during the year except for the thirty day period prior to the Annual Sponsors’ Meeting and the period from the day notice is given of any Annual, Regular or Special meeting of Sponsors through the day such meeting concludes.

If an officer has three consecutive unexcused absences from regular meetings, he/she will be considered as having resigned. Officers will meet monthly, usually on the first Monday. Meeting dates may be changed as determined by the District Commissioner.

Junior Regional Council

The Junior Regional delegate will represent KPC at regional meetings. The delegate will be elected by a straight vote of club members certified C2 or higher, with the member receiving the most votes being the delegate. In case of lie, the highest certified, oldest member is the delegate.


Club funds shall originate from local dues and fundraisers. The major fundraiser for KPC is Jump Start Horse Trials. All families involved with KPC are expected to volunteer throughout the year and at least 4 hours at Jump Start.

Club funds shall be used for operational expenses (postage, supplies, library books,

instructional fees, rally/championship supplement, testing and when available, charitable and community contributions.

The club will pay for candidate National testing fees one time only for each level, and as long as they are members in good standing. If a candidate incurs travel, hotel and/or boarding expenses with his/her testing, he/she assumes that fee.

The club will pay regional and local club dues for members at the HB level and above, as long as they are members in good standing.

The club will pay ½ of the entry fee for Quiz Rally and one other Regional Rally. The club will pay 100% stable manager entry.   If the member then withdraws from the Rally, and the Rally entry fee is non-refundable, the other ½ entry fee will be due to KPC.

The club will pay 1/2 championship entry fee. Stable manager entry at Championships is paid by the Region.

The club will pay for the sustaining membership cost of the DC and Jt. DC(s) annually.

The club will reimburse members for any expenses incurred that have been pre-approved by the board and appropriate receipts procured. Pony Club expenses greater than $250 must be pre-approved by the Administrative Officers.

Orientation/New Members

New members may join for the current year, and throughout the year, with approval from the Officers.    For multiple Keeneland pony club members in a single family there will be a discount.

There will be an Orientation and General Meeting held in January for all members and parents.  It is strongly recommended that parents read USPC and MidSouth Region policies.

Attendance at Mounted and Unmounted Meetings

Attendance at club meetings is strongly encouraged. Members should attend at least ½ scheduled meetings and be a member in good standing to be eligible to participate in camp, rally and testings.  It is left to the discretion of the DC and Jt. DC(s) to decide if the member is qualified for rallies and testings, both of which demand a level of participation in regularly scheduled club sessions.  Members must also be respectful to other members and all adults in attendance at meetings. Rudeness or lack of respect will be handled by the DC and Jt.DC(s) by not allowing such member to participate in upcoming events.

Pony clubbers will be expected to wear appropriate attire for all meetings. Tank tops

are not allowed. Shirts must fit appropriately and be tucked in riding breeches or tights. Boots must be appropriate and clean. Cross country vest is recommended for schooling XC. Helmets must be ASTM/SEI certified and fit appropriately.

Member Responsibility

It is up to the individual to acquaint him/herself with all policies of the USPC as well as KPC. It is also up to the individual and parents to make all arrangements regarding mounts, tack and transportation. If any member borrows a mount or tack, he/she is solely responsible for its maintenance and return and/or reimbursement of the owner if it is injured or damaged.

Parent Participation

It is strongly suggested that at least one parent participate as a volunteer at pony club activities and particularly at Jump Start Horse Trials. Parents are requested to attend the Orientation, all special meetings called and the Annual meeting each year. Regularly scheduled officer meetings are open and parents are welcome to attend.

It is expected that parents attend mounted sessions with their child if their child is a D level or younger than age 12, or has a difficult time with his/her mount or tacking up. Any members C level or up do not have to have a parent in attendance, but must have a designated chaperone present. The week of camp will be an exception, however, parents are encouraged to attend and help out as directed by Officer of Rally Camp and/or DC.

Since Pony Club is a volunteer based organization, parents will not be compensated for their involvement with Keeneland Pony Club unless it is a “special activity”, such as but not limited, to a club testing or clinic.  Any compensation for services must be approved by the Administrative Officers before the activity.  

Parents are not to ride during the meetings. This causes separation problems for the mounts of the members and the parents should be there to help if needed.


Rally is an opportunity for members to put into practice the horse management and riding skills they have acquired. It is also an opportunity to meet new friends, work as a team and learn new skills. Safety comes first. For this reason, clear-cut requirements are established so each member is capable of competing at his or her level in a competent manner. Each member wishing to go to camp and rally should attend 1/2 the regular meetings offered to the club and be a member in good standing.  Some disciplines, such as Tetrathlon and Games, will have additional requirements specific to those rallies. Horses may be entered in no more than two rallies during mega rally.

Members participating at any rally will be expected to sign an agreement that he/she will demonstrate exemplary behavior at all times. Members are encouraged to wear their club shirts and khaki shorts or pants during the rally.  Short shorts are not allowed.

Attendance will be kept at all meetings. Members are also required to keep a record of their own activities.

Team selection: The DC, in collaboration with coaches, will determine the teams and team captains. If there are not enough members to make up full teams, the members will be asked to volunteer to be part of a composite team. The DC will make every effort to find composite teams when needed, rather than have rally organizers place the participants.


There will be at least two certification opportunities each year. There will be rider evaluations for new members in March. Applications to test must be completed and submitted with the completed Flow Chart to the DC for approval one month prior to the test date. The club tries to have prep clinics prior to each testing to help candidates prepare for the testing.  Standards for Certifications are followed closely.

The DC will make every effort to help prepare HB,C3,B,HA and A candidates for those testings. Members must have their applications completed early in the year in order to maximize their chances of getting to the testing date and location they desire. The DC will work with the RIC to find prep clinics.

Additional Officers

Volunteer Officer:   The Volunteer Officer’s duties are to manage, organize and help recruit volunteers for Jump Start Horse Trials in cooperation with the various coordinators including set up, office support, hospitality, dressage, cross country, stadium jumping, scoring and clean up.

Officer of Club Certifications(D Officer & C Officer)

1) schedules minimum of two D testings and two C testings per year
2) collects flow charts one month before testing
3) with DC approval obtains examiners for testings
4) attends testing or obtains substitute of parent of member not testing

5) offers preps for testings or for upper level finds one for them to attend

Officers of Rally camps (D Officer & C Officer)

Organizes D & C rally camps to include obtaining instructors, scheduling, and teaching horse management.  Meets with parents of Ds to explain rally and what to expect.  Attends Rally camp.

Officer of tack room equipment - keeps inventory of tack room equipment. All equipment is to be checked out and in by officer, at officer’s convenience. Makes sure all equipment is returned after rally clean and in condition for next use. Keeps storage unit organized and clean. Recommends purchase of needed equipment to Administrative officers.

Officer of Media – Maintains the KPC website.

Officer of Special Events & Field Trips - schedules field trips throughout the year.

Schedules special events such as dressage and show jumping clinics and unmounted

Christmas Party. Accepts RSVPs for these meetings and schedules ride times for clinics.

Officer of Mounted & Officer of Unmounted Meetings - assists DC in obtaining instructors for meetings. Accepts RSVPs for meetings, schedules groups. Checks if site for meeting is available. Keeps attendance of mounted meetings, unmounted meetings and field trips.

Officer of Jump Start Horse Trials – may be the overall organizer of Jump Start, or representative of the Organizer

Member in Good Standing

Participating members are considered in good standing if they evidence a sincere interest in the activities of the club, assist younger members in the learning process, and participate with regularity in the events of the club at the club, regional, and national level, when and where appropriate, according to age, experience, and suitability and safety of mount and are current with all dues and fees owed the club, region and USPC.


Adopted at the October 2012 Annual Sponsors' Meeting

D Pony Clubbers must first have a safety inspection before mounting.  Members C level and up may be designated safely checkers at mounted meetings. 

Pony Clubbers must be mounted on clean pony, clean and safe tack and with their group within 10 minutes of the start of the meeting.  If a member is not mounted in time they are considered cancelled from the meeting.  A member who has RSVPed to a meeting and cancels within three days of the meeting (no matter what the reason) will be charged a $25 cancellation fee unless the Officer of Meetings can find a suitable replacement.  Cancellation fees must be paid before the member will be considered a member in good standing and be allowed to participate in the next meeting. 

Unmounted portions of the flow charts may be signed off by members certified two or more levels above the level being tested.  Mounted portions of flow charts must be signed off by a pony club instructor.  Mounted portions are good for 12 (twelve) months and unmounted portions are good forever.  If a member switches mounts after the flow chart is turned in a prior to the testing  then the member on the new mount must be reevaluated.