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2012 Rally CAMP

posted May 19, 2012, 6:00 AM by Keeneland Ponyclub   [ updated May 19, 2012, 6:09 AM ]

Hello Campers!

            Welcome to rally and camp.  We would like to share some information on the upcoming rally camp with you.  For some of you this is new and for others well practiced.  Either way, we want to insure a great experience for everyone.

            First of all, “camp” is a little bit of a misnomer.  It really is a prep for the rally experience; a place to learn what we do know and what we need to do differently.  The horses and ponies will be staying overnight, the children will not.   While our people campers will be in their own beds, the hooved campers will be staying overnight at Masterson Station Park. We have a night watch person scheduled to be in the barn overnight providing security and safety for them.  We will be trying to practice how it will be at rally and that includes taking care of our ponies away from home.  To aid the younger members with this, older and experienced “C” level pony clubbers will be on hand.  Also at rally, parental/non official adult interaction is not allowed so we discourage parental influence at camp. This is a great way to practice how it will be for kids and parents alike at rally but without any pressure.  There will be supervision all day long so parents can feel comfortable leaving their kids. 

            Included is a list of what to bring and a brief schedule.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE feel free to contact us with questions and if you are an experienced camper, please lend a helping hand to the newbies. 

Cammie Brunker  (D camps) - 859-321-8728       

Allison Turnbull  (C camp) -   859-533-5392 or 859-873-9123

D2s and D3s

Friday June 1                2pm move in everything but the horse

Saturday June 2nd       7 AM Campers should arrive with their horses

                                          5pm barns close

Sunday June3rd           6am barns open arrive before 7am

                                          3pm move out


Sunday June 3rd           5pm move in meet and greet instructor

Monday June 4th           7AM Barns open

                                          5pm barns close

Tuesday June 5th         7AM barns open

                                         5pm barns close

Wednesday June6th   7Am barns open

                                          Pm Ky horse park



Wed June 6th               2pm move in everything but the horse

Thurs June 7th             7am campers should arrive with horses

                                        5pm barns close

Friday June8th             6am barns open arrive before 7am

                                        3pm move out



  • Straw for bedding in stalls (no shavings or hay straw)
  • Three 5-gallon buckets with snaps (or 2 buckets and a feed tub) -Flat back buckets      are preferred. (Ground feeders tend to    be problematic as far as Horse Management goes at Rally so try not to use them please.)
  • Baling twine cut into about 15 inch lengths.   
  • Use 2 pieces per bucket. Extra twine for tie offs is good too.
  • Small salt block
  • Feed pre-measured and labeled in paper bags. (Name/amount/type of feed) Please bring a container to keep it secure as the raccoons will find it otherwise.
  • Hay
  • Grooming box
  • Tack - Clean in good repair
  • Several saddle pads
  • Portable saddle rack
  • Tack cleaning supplies
  • Wash bucket for horse with shampoo, sponge and sweat scraper
  • Stall cleaning equipment (remember that shavings forks will not work efficiently with straw bedding). Stalls need to be stripped at the end of camp. Tarps make the job faster.
  • Stall card. Please do not staple cards to the doors. Use tape. (Stall cards should have horse's and owner's names, address contact information, description of horse (or photo), vet name & phone, farrier name & phone, vices.
  • Water, drinks and snacks. And Lunch.
  • Appropriate clothing. Check the weather forecast. We WILL be riding outside.                   

 Everything should have the owner’s name on it.

Keeneland Ponyclub,
May 19, 2012, 6:00 AM
Keeneland Ponyclub,
May 19, 2012, 6:00 AM