2016 Jump Start Horse Trials Note To Competitors

Dear Competitor,

Thanks for choosing our event!  We want your weekend to go smoothly, so please take note of some important details covered here.  

Before you even arrive, there is important information you need to properly prepare your Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI, or health travel certificate).  The KY Dept of Agriculture requires that your paperwork also include Coggins, complete name and description of the horse.   The details are accessable for your vet to check at http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/302/020/020.htm  

Access to Stabling & Show Office:  Every trailer, whether stabled or not, needs to come into the Main Gate off Ironworks Rd, turn Left at the roundabout by the Security Gatehouse, and then proceed to your Right down Cigar Ln toward stabling.  You will pass the Dressage complex and the Big Barn on your right, and then turn Right onto Nina Bonnie Blvd.  The Event Stabling is about 500 feet up on your left, with the Show Office in the right-hand end of the building on your right as you enter the main aisle to the barns.  

Trailers hauling in for the day may park in the area used for XC schooling, near Marks Lane.   All trailers staying the weekend must be dropped in designated trailer parking lot behind Alltech Arena, follow signs.  No trailers are allowed in the parking lot near the barns.   The KHP has the right to move a trailer if it is parked in an invalid spot or is blocking a vehicle.

Special Note:  Please, no competitor vehicles down at the Dressage complex.  The Park is trying to control the vehicle/golf cart traffic so that the horses have a safe route.  Only event staff will have vehicular access.  Thanks!

Competitors and spectators also need to be aware of the Parking Permit policies at the Park.  You need to purchase a parking pass at the front gate when you arrive.  The pass is valid for the entire weekend, and should be displayed in your vehicle window.  If you arrive at odd hours and the gate is unmanned, you should stop on your next drive through to get your pass. These passes will not be for sale at the Show Office. 

Access to XC Course – NO VEHICLES on course.  This includes all motorized vehicles, golf carts and motorbikes.  We want to preserve the footing for the horses.

The stabling assignments are on the website.  We will also post the charts at the rear door of the KHP Show Office.  Our stalls will be located in Barns 13-21, in the rear set of barns.  The stall assignments have also been emailed to Devers, so that you can pre-order shavings if you choose.    The Stable Manager is available through the show office to resolve any problems you may have.    The show has placed portapottys on the end of the barns for your use.

PLEASE do not switch stalls or use unmarked stalls without notifying the Stable Manager.  We have lots of horses coming and going throughout the weekend so do not assume an open stall is unassigned.  We are billed by the KHP for each stall in use at 8AM each morning, and must reconcile their count with ours each day.  We will collect a $50 penalty fee plus stabling fee from those using unauthorized stalls.

The Show Office will open at Noon on Thursday, Sept. 29th.   The secretary will monitor emails but if you have late changes, please try to call with that info.  Any rider who has not settled his/her bill needs to do that as soon as possible.  Please be prepared to make any final payments via money order, cashiers check or cash!

We are delighted to host a very large group of riders this weekend, and we want to make your ride schedule enjoyable.  The jumping phases will run in numerical order for cross-country, and there will be assigned ride times for stadium – although tentative, we will do our best to stick to schedule, but if we run ahead, you will be expected to ride when asked.   There are a few riders with multiple horses who must ride out of order in one of the jumping phases.   Everyone else should ride in order as scheduled please!  This allows all of us to make sense of the day and allows the scorers to post scores for the divisions promptly.  If you have an unexpected emergency, please contact the Show Office to work out a revised ride time.     PLEASE FOLLOW THE MARKED PATH TO XC WARMUP – you will be crossing a galloping lane, so be watchful for your fellow competitors.

SCHOOLING AND LONGING AREAS:   you may school on the warm up pads at the dressage pavilion in the evenings, and also on the pad across Nina Bonnie Blvd from the Claiborne Ring (on Lee Cholak Road)  – that is the only area you can longe.   Please be respectful of competitors during competition hours and do not use the warm pads during those hours

If you expect to be one of the deserving riders who will earn a ribbon or award, but must leave the grounds before the scoring is complete, please try to arrange for someone else to pick up your prize.  [let us know who that is]  If that is not possible, we ask that you leave $5 at the Show Office to cover the postage needed to mail your ribbon.  We cannot mail prizes, so hang around for those, please!

Our photographer is XPressFoto.   

We will offer XC Schooling following the end of competition Sunday.  Riders need to stop at the Show Office to sign a Release and pick up a different schooling pinny.  We ask that you clear the courses by 4:00P so that we can release our medical personnel.  Registration will begin at 2:00P with the courses open 30 mins after the last competitor finishes.  Please listen for announcements and check the course to make sure no rider in the event is still on course before you begin.  We will cancel schooling only in the event of bad weather or poor footing.  Please respect the fences and the property when you are schooling.  Notice regarding cancellation will be made via the website, barn announcements and our Facebook page.  Fee payable to Keeneland Pony Club is $35/horse.  

If you or a traveling companion has a few hours to spare this weekend, we still could use additional help with the many tasks that fall to our volunteers.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Madden at Jlsmadden@aol.com if you can pitch in, and thanks!

One final reminder to those of you have not renewed your memberships and horse registrations with USEA and/or USEF.  Please get that done before the event begins.  Some of you have submitted typed entry forms with out-of-date or incorrect information. The national associations are very diligent about memberships, horse ownership info and registrations, and will fine the events who submit incorrect information. Please take the time to get that information corrected. 

See you over the weekend!   Thank you again for coming, and for supporting Keeneland Pony Club’s only fundraiser.    Our members service project this year is collecting used tack and other equine supplies to donate to the CKRH tack sale – if you have items to donate, bring them to Barn 13.