H-M/H/H-A Level

The H-HM/H/H-A Certification requires the knowledge, experience and maturity to evaluate and care for a mount’s needs efficiently and in a variety of circumstances, to competently ground train horses; and to teach riding and horse care to others. It reflects the theory and study as well as the practical aspects of unmounted horse management that can be expected of a college curriculum. The minimum age for the H-H-M/H/H-A certification is 16 years old.

H-M/H/H-A Flowchart
H-HM/H/H-A Overview of Required Knowledge
H-A Land Conservation
Systems of the Horse

*** All Upper level checklists, standards, study materials, and other resources are available under "Information on National Level Testing" on the national USPC website.  Access to these materials may require a valid username and password to login to the national USPC website.